Avocado is a large fleshy peer-shaped berry.It has a single large seed surrounded by buttery pulp and a hard skin.Avocado is very nutritious and contains a lot of vitamin and a wide range of nutrients.The avocado trees are evergreen and it is shallow rooted and there are no visible root hairs.

According to Wikipedia->Avocado is a tree that is native to south central mexico,classified as a member of the flowering plant lauraceae. Avocado can also be called alligator peer,butter fruit.The avocado is yellowish green and purple in color and the botanical name is persea americana. Though the avocado fruit was first discovered in central america but they are now grown in tropical and subtropical part of the world including countries like Australia, south Africa,Colombia,Mexico e.t.c.

The food value of avocado are very essential to the human health,it contains a lots of fat than any other fruits except olive.The fat in avocado is of the highest quality and is wholly free from the unwanted butyric acid with which many fats are contaminated.It contains a lot of vitamin A to maintain high resistance against bacteria infection in our body system and a quality possessed by few vegetable fat.


  • Avocado has a lot of fiber:-fiber is one nutrients found in large amount of avocado and can also help in weight loss,reduce blood sugar and help in reducing the risk of diseases in our body.
  • Eating avocado helps the skin to be healthy because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.Oil extract from avocado helps in protecting the skin against sunburn damage and also the high level of beta-carotene in avocado can be divided in to pro-vitamin  A,which has been connected to protecting the skin from various conditions and the damaging effect of the sun.
  • Since potassium is present in avocado,they are very good source of good health and they helps in maintaining a normal heart rate.Also it is very important to make sure that potassium level are not too high because it can also be dangerous to our heart.
  • Morning sickness are common during pregnancy,avocado fruits helps in overcoming queasiness and nausea when you are pregnant since it contains vitamin B6,which is mostly connected in reducing nausea and vomiting.
  • Avocado are very good at reducing liver damage,since it has some organic compound that helps in improving liver health.Recent research suggest that the avocado fruit may play a major role in toning up and protecting the liver from a wide variety of conditions.

Some minerals and vitamin that are present in avocado:-

  1. Iron
  2. Vitamin A
  3. Calcium
  4. Protein
  5. Fat
  6. Potassium e.t.c

Some natural benefit:-

  • it helps in bad breath and is far superior to any mouth remedies or lotion.it effectively remove intestinal putrefaction or decomposition,which is the actual cause of a coated tongue and bad breath.
  • it helps in digestive system disorder,the avocado fruit is an excellent food remedy in acute digestive disorder.some decades ago in china,some physician prescribe the juice of this fruit for colic and chills in the stomach.

Precautions:Avocado fruits sour when cooked and cannot successfully survive freezing,they are meant to be eaten raw as fresh as possible.if they to be store for a short period of time,it should be store in a low temperature room and not in a refrigerator.