Coconut is known as a “wonder food”,it has a perfect diet  as it contains almost all the essential nutrients needed by the human body,it also has a very high place in all the religious ceremonies.The coconut fruits are also known for their great versatility as evidence by many traditional uses ranging from food to cosmetic.

The coconut is 15 to 30cm long,the outer shell of the fruit is green and shinning when it is not yet matured,it becomes rough and matty after it has mature and it will be very hard to peel off.The coconut fruit are very essential from other fruit due to its large amount of water contains in it(also known as coconut juice or coconut water).The coconut flesh is called copra when dried and the milk and oil extracted from the coconut are usually used for cooking and frying.

The food value in coconut are very nourishing,strengthening and fattening,the fruit has a high oil content which is easily digestible and it is easily more utilized by any other fats in the human body.The protein present in coconut is of its highest quality,containing all the amino-acids and it is also rich in some minerals such as potassium,magnesium,sodium and sulphur,when coconut is been dry the energy level is high.

Benefit Of Coconut Oil In The Body

  • The oil in coconut keeps the organ healthy and prevent the liver from contacting any disease because of the medium chain triglycerides and fatty acids present in it,because those substance are easily converted  into energy when reaching the liver, in so-doing it will reduce the work load of the liver and also prevent accumulation of fats.
  • Coconut oil helps in preventing kidney and gall bladder disease and also help in dissolving stones in the kidney.
  • Coconut oil is very helpful in loosing weight because it contains short and medium-chain fatty acid,which helps in reducing excessive fat or weight.Some research suggest that the oil in coconut can help to reduce abdominal obesity in women.
  • Coconut oil is very good and also act as an effective moisturizer on any type of skin when massage properly,there are no side effect when applying this oil in our body,however it is safe for preventing dryness and flaking of the skin.
  • Coconut oil is very effective in healing wounds and bruises,because it speed up the healing process of damage tissues,it also prevent or protect the infected area of the body such as fungi,bacteria,external dusts,air and any kind of virus.

Natural Benefit Of Coconut Oil

  • Coconut water is very useful in cholera,mixed 8 to 12 ounces of the coconut water with a teaspoonful of fresh lime juice to be taken daily,because it rectified the electrolyte balance and neutralizes the acidosis of the blood.Coconut water is a known sources of potassium-rich fluid and since cholera patient can almost invariably take oral fluid following initial correction of shock and acidosis,expert suggest that drinking of coconut water is a must for cholera patient.
  • The kernel of coconut is very beneficial in the treatment of digestive system disorder.
  • The coconut water is also an effective way or remedy for vomiting,flatulence and dyspepsia.It is a good food medicine in vomiting and of great value in the human body.
  • The coconut water is of great value in urinary disorder,it act as a natural diuretic in heart,kidney disorder and liver such as scanty and suppressed urination.
  • Coconut milk and pure honey is an effective food remedy for dry cough due to excessive smoking or throat irritation.

Coconut are use in many kind of preparation product,the oil extracted from it,is the most important of this product.It can be use in cooking and made into coco-butter,margarine,coco jam,salad oil and vegetable butter.Also the oil extracted from the coconut is a hair restorer and it can also be used as hair oil in all part of the world.